Year 9!

Welcome back to school everyone!

I just finished my first {almost} full week of school with my new class. For the past few weeks, my co-teacher and I have been preparing our classroom for our new group of kindergarten students. I’ve been lucky to be in the same classroom for three years now and through many furniture arrangements and trial-and-error, we have finally figured out some learning and playing spaces that make the best use of the room space.

One of my favorite beginning of the year projects is to brainstorm a welcoming and colorful door to welcome the students and families every day. After thinking about our learning group name, KC, I considered a play on words…K C…K Sea, which inspired me to go with a nautical look. I grew up on the South Jersey shore and love everything blue, so this craft project was meant to be.

Earlier in the summer, I made mini-bunting garland for a dear colleague’s retirement party, so I decided to make them again for my door with shades of blue and pops of interesting patterns (tutorial here: I ended up making more strings of garland so that they could also act as borders for the bulletin boards in the classroom. I found a sailboat template online and then used scrapbook paper in shades of blue, gray, yellow, and green to construct the boat, sails, and mini-flag. Michael’s, the art & craft store, typically has an amazing sale on scrapbook paper the third week in August (5 sheets for $1!). With some tape and lamination, the door art came together:

IMG_9607 IMG_9608 IMG_9610

Happy beginning of the year!


5 thoughts on “Year 9!

  1. Norman Blum says:

    Jenn; What a terrific idea,the results look great !!!!!
    Hope the children enjoyed the entrance to their new classroom
    Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop


  2. pwdare says:

    How creative, although I shouldn’t be surprised considering your past work! Your students are so lucky to have been assigned to your classroom!




  3. Jeff Caswell says:

    Hi Jenn,

    From day one I have been meaning to tell you how beautiful the door to KC looks. It is really, really nice. It is always so pleasant to arrive there. Light, airy, clean, clear and colorful, it is very inviting and welcoming. Great job!

    It also goes a long way toward explaining the major proliferation of sailboats in nearly everything our son draws these days!



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